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XFX 6800Ultra Dual View Query

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Hi guys,

my card is 6800 Ultra 256MB AGP 8X with dual dvi port.

The connectors are:
*(DVI1)* *(DVI2)* (S-VIDEO)

I connect DVI2 before to use it with the VGA monitor and it was working all fine. When i try to connect the s-video to composite cable to connect the PC to my SONY WEGA 29' TV - and restarted the PC, it only shows 1 display mode - Single Display (can choose either TV or default display). The card supports dual display rite ?

Tried everything - installed latest nvidia drivers, uninstalled drivers, took the card out of motherboard and install it newly. Still the same problem. I am using win98se and winxppro_sp2.

After 5 hours of banging my head on my PC table, i gave up. But lastly i connect the VGA socket to DVI1 - and connect - but i forgot to take the s-video cable out of the card. Fortunately it worked. Can see the start up screen displayed on the TV, when it started, it got option for dual view/clone/vertical & horizontal span/single view.

So its working ok now. I checked it with both win98se and winxppro_sp2.
Now my query is - is there any problem with the DVI2 port ? I am using a DVI to VGA socket which came with the card. When using DVI2 port - it works ok with monitor but only shows "single view" option. When using DVI1 - it works ok with the monitor and shows 5 options for dual displays when connected to the TV.

So maybe the DVI2 port is not 100% functional ? the DVI1 and DVI2 port both are identical right ? So both should work in the same way. Or isit that DVI1 should be used for 1st monitor and DVI2 for 2nd monitor ? So since I got only 1 monitor - DVI1 should be used ? So is there any way to check is these DVI port are 100% functional ?

So kindly anyone here answer these questions for me. Anyone using 6800ultra didn't had this problem ? if not - can u guys try using DVI1 and DVI2 and see if that works with your TV or its just me and the card ??
I am scared that my card is faulty already. Just got it 2 weeks ago for 32k sheesh.

Help me guys !!


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wow !!!

no one able to answer my question ???
OR is it im the only one here with a XFX 6800 Ultra 256MB Graphic card ?

If anyone got this model, please try to understand and answer my query.

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