Xenonauts - spiritual successor to X-Com


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This is the game that X-Com fans have been waiting for. True to the classic from the 90s (unlike the dumbed down X-Com : Enemy Unknown) , this is about as close as you can get to the original experience. The game is still in Beta , but you can buy the game and participate in the testing:

Xenonauts – Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator | Xenonauts – an indie spiritual successor to X-Com!

Besides the main page , please check out the Screenshot gallery. Observe the GeoScape screenshot and you'll notice that you can plop in multiple bases for quicker UFO interception. Detailed loadouts of your fighters and even the way your guys are positioned in the dropship (crucial if your landing zone is infested by aliens at the start) can be set. If you want the pure unadulterated experience of X-Com , get this game.
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Damn good news. I just hope that they improve the graphics. :)

They're functional imo , then again I always put greater emphasis on gameplay over graphics , so maybe it's just me. X-Com was always about the deep engrossing gameplay.

But yeah, they do plan to improve the graphics. It won't look much different from what you see now , but expect better tilesets, animations and fancy explosions.

Like the original, they also have environmental destruction in this. Building blocking the path between you and the Aliens? Bring in your Tank or some heavy weapons dudes and blow it up. Problem solved!
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