[Complaint] Worst RMA support ever - Razer


Hi Team,

In India Razer provides support via Acrorma (Acro Engineering Company), and the support for RMA is the worst I have ever seen across any computer product.

I claimed a warranty for Faulty Razer Basilisk which was purchased at (INR 3500), and in market current around same price over Amazon.in

The RMA support is claiming that model not available and is suggesting model Razer Viper Mini as replacement, priced around (INR 1500) in market over Amazon.in

I asked for list of available model options in price range INR 3000 - INR 4000 as replacement, and interestingly they only have one model that they can replace it with.

The folks keeps on repeating that only Razer Viper Mini can be used as replacement.

So, basically Razer is a bunch of cheapos, and that Razer's own product degrades to a value so much in less than a year that it becomes half of it's price, and Razer as a company is not able to fullfill it's commitment for Warranty at all.

We expected high standards from Razer, but instead it feels company don't care about it's customers.

Ticket with Acrorma : acrorma0075310

I would highly advise to avoid using Razer products.
Current Logitech has worse QC. Apparently some 400-500 switches solve their double clicking issue. I don't understand why Logitech doesn't use better quality switches. At bulk those 400-500 switches won't cost them as much & they can increase the price up (definitely launch new models for new switch, like I would love a G304/305 with a better quality switch, call it G306).

I use a Viper Mini, it had issue with middle click within a year of purchase, but after RMA working fine now. ACRO should have given you same or upgraded model as replacement instead of similar or downgraded model. I bought Viper Mini for 3k almost 2.5 years ago now.
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