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WindowsPhone 8 users: What's your OTHER STORAGE size?


I currently own Nokia Lumia 820 and I love this phone, it's butter smooth and it's great in functionality but the thing which is bugging me is other storage which is in phone memory and its taking a lot of space.

Lumia 820 comes with 8 GB internal memory of which 7.41 GB is available out of which OS takes 1.93 GB, So only 5.8 GB is user accessible.

The problem is out of 5.8 GB other storage is taking 4.4 GB of space, only 1 GB of space is available for apps. Music and Videos can be offloaded on memory card but for apps the storage available is way too less. Other storage gradually increases over time, when I brought Lumia 820 it comes with 400 MB and it gradually increase to about 4 GB in just one month usage.

Other storage said to consist of IE, OS and application caches and it's really unacceptable to be of so much huge in size.

I urge all of windows phone 8 users to report your other storage here in this thread and escalate the issue.
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