Windows Phone 7.5/7.8/8 Game thread


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What, ain't no WP 7.5 users here?

Anyways, happy to start with my contribution.

XBox Breeze - Fantastic game. You have to maneuvr a delicate flower by touching the screen to blow a gentle breeze of air to let the flower fall in its right checkered place. Beware, strong press or a long tap might even blow the flower strongly to its end towards a wall or boundary.
Simple game but extremely enjoyable. Graphics are superb, typical Microsoft. And above all, its FREE! RECOMMENDED!

Parking Car - A brain drain game with insanely huge round of 1600 that is sure to test out the grey cells in you. You have to get a car stuck in between a parking lot out through the exit. Great time killer. FREE!

AE3D Motor - Another acceleratometer based racing game, that may go monotonous after a while but fun nonetheless. FREE!

CatchaMouse - great mind game. you have to stop a mouse from escaping into the hole that are layed out randomly, by placing traps at appropriate places. Great timepass. FREE!


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HALO Spartan Assault making way to WP8 With 1GB Ram Mobiles.
Updated Version will Support 512 Mb Ram later


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lumia 800, if you like games and apps
wp7.5 'make' 5000 games a month (games only) exclude other software
i still prefer nokia


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