Windows Media Player 12 beta(Unofficial)

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It is still not an official release by MS .

The version is non-English and uploaded on rapidhshare
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What's written after the version line in the screenshot?

Copyright- The ? wmp12 resource is created by ?(Wonder?) Hack.

? means unreadable :D

It's a fake I guess.


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Course its fake, Try google not one link leads to any discussion of even suggesting at even the start of development on WMP12.
Besides, if MS did release a beta, dont you think our MVP's would've got the news ?


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official news : It's Fake

WMP12 will come just a while before Windows 7 & will make use of XAudio2 rendering engine for Audio & DirectShow 10 for video. It will be made completely in WPF.

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Yep. Its Genuinely fake. :D

Thats true that WMP 12 is under beta testing but you'll not find any leak atm. It'll have totally revamped interface not like given in the screenshot having upper portion of Windows Photo Viewer and lower portion of WMP 11.


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nothin is changed except the skin...
but black is too good.....:p

I m sure dat WMP 12 beta version would come out in different flavour....:cool:
not same as WMP 11

however the fake 12 looks like created by changing the color of ver 11 dats it
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