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Which SmartWatch to buy?


Broken In
to all of you.
I want to buy a Smartwatch,

So please tell for which brand Should I go for?

1. Samsung Gear S2 - Classic

2. Moto 360 2nd Gen

or Should I go for some other brand like Huawei or Asus?, Also please tell Is it worth to wait for Samsung Gear S3 watch?


What specifically do you need a smartwatch for?

If you need just a tracker (sleep, steps walked, heart rate) then Mi Band is good enough. FitBit, GoQii provides more elaborate fitness utilities.
If your main requirement is notifications (call, sms, email, etc) then Pebble is a good (and cheap) option.

Out of the two options I would suggest Samsung Gear S2, the interface is better if not the best, the interactive dial; but that's about it as both are equally good.

Smart watches lack apps and provide limited functionality (fitness tracker and notifications) so the high-end ones are quite not worth.
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