Which one to buy?? P990i or N 73

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Want to buy a new cell fone..
but there's some confusion over here...
which one is better ??
P990i or N 73

wat is the difference between N73 and ME edition??


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Well, i guess your choice is extremely easy. You have chosen two so different phones, that your need will decide which phone you need.

P990i is a executive business oriented touchscreen and a pretty large phone. N73 is the youth targeted multimedia phone.

Please clarify your needs, do you want a rocking music and a camera, slick looking phone, or a phone which allows for better email and word proccessing.

N73 shall give you an excellent camera, music as well as the highly popular S60v3 OS which will allow you to increase its functionality a lot using 3rd party application.

P990i will give you touch screen comfort for easy emailing and word processin. Music and camera are not as good as the N73. It has the UIQ3 OS from Sony, which has software support, but not as much as S60.

My suggestion, N73. And about the diff between N73 and N73 ME.

Before a week or so, the difference was the Software and the color. ME came in black color, had a better music player and supported Stereo Widening. But there was no hardware difference, so by changing you product code, you could update the ME software on you normal N73.

But with the latest firmware update, N73 has been given the ME as well the IE features. But ME is also getting an update in a week or so, so what additional features will ME gets is unknown.

But since ME costs only 1 or 2 K more, comes with 2GB card and in a nice looking black color, i would suggest ME.


I find P990i to be better. Not only is it an excellent business phone with features like touch screen, qwerty keyboard, document viewer, excellent browser and business card reader, it is also a great multimedia phone, more so than N73 ME. It has a large QVGA display, 2mpix camera with auto focus (same as K750i), excellent sound quality (same as Walkman phones; it even has Mega Bass), A2DP and can playback video at VGA resolution at 30 fps.

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P990i Ftw . So much for a Symbian pone :) Awesome the qwerty keypad makes me surft the net easily while doing email and all.. The touch pad is play .. WHile cam is not every thing Beleive it ot not Cam on Mobs sucks their quality is far cry from that of Digi cam ;) SO better buy P990 i lots of features :D


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yup.. Lately i m very inclined towards the p990i even tho i m a n73me fan..
Besides all the above features there r reports that u can flash it and install a mobile version of ubuntu.. Tho its risky..

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I m a P990i user and must say that it rocks for sure.

- Large Screen 2.8
- Wifi 802.11b
- Qwerty kbd
- Touch screen
- Stock player supports all the standard multimedia files
[mp3 , aac , mp4 videos , 3gp ] which is gr8.
- Symbian UIQ 3.0 - install loads of s/w's

- Hard to use this in daylight
- had probs opening bigger .txt and .doc files [> 100kb]
- shud have bundled a nice IM
- loud speaker aint that gr8.

I got mine for 14.6K [w/o bill]

Also check Dopod 818pro if u are the pda type user.
This is for 19~20K approx.

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^^All the cons are pros for N73 ME!
And some pros are cons :D
Well it totally depends on usage and requirements which one you should buy...The two arent comparable..


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yup.. The n73me is an excellent fone.. But if u r bored of symbian fones (perhaps like me) then u shd experiment


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Well, i would not spend my bucks on experiment which i would regret in an month. How could i live without those new wonderful software every week opening a new chapter in my cell!!


one more advanteage of n72-HUGE and i mean HUGE flaunt value.its the thing which will seperate u frm the croud and a sure headturner where ever it goes,unlyk n73 which is really very common nowdays...tashn ka bhi toh khayaal rakhnaa padega na:D


my frnd is going in 4 a new fone.between N73ME and 5700 which one wud u guys suggest.he will use it as a modem for surfing net on pc.


assasin said:
my frnd is going in 4 a new fone.between N73ME and 5700 which one wud u guys suggest.he will use it as a modem for surfing net on pc.
N73 ME. It has better camera.
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