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Which one is better MSI RS480M2-IL or Winfast NF4K8MC

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amd 2800 64bit,if it goes off production,warranty may become issue kya?

That doesnt happen,so dont worry.You get full warranty even if the product is doscontinued.

asus k8n or k8n-e dlx or better,which is better if huge diff then maybe dlx
6600gt agp
Well K8N & K8N-E are both based on Nforce 3 whereas the FoXConn is Nforce 4 based which is slightly a better version of chipset,sint it ?


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guys from what i have learnt from googling around, Winfast NF4K8MC is not the correct model name. Foxconn seems to make models like Winfast NF4K8MC-RC, Winfast NF4K8MC-ERS etc. which are micro ATX or other models with different features. Their site isn't much helpful either.
i believe that Digit made a mistake and missed out on part of the model name. please correct me if i am wrong, as i too am interested in this mobo. another thing i noticed that most tech portals didn't rate the mATX versions very highly. so do i go with digit?
also which company is supplying and distributing it in India? Mediatech's site hasn't got this specific model.
do any of you know where can i get this mobo in Karnataka?

coming back to the topic, i think you shouldn't watse money on mobo with onboard graphix. even fx 5200 hundred costs 2500 and will give much better performance than most on board solutions. so go with Winfast if you can and get at least NVidia 6200. or if you really want a gaming rig, nothing beats asus A8N-DELUXE with SLi. buy two 6600s and mortgage your house. :D


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IMO A8N-E with an add on card would be a much better solution. ATi chipsets has quiet a number of problems. I have been helping customers who have RS480M2-IL & nVidia cards. There have been lot many problems. So I dont suggest that combo or the onboard graphics either. Better go for A8N-E with a mid-level card. It will cost you bit more but you dont buy a PC everyday. Do you ??
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