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Which one is better - Iphone 6s or Samsung s6 edge?


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it all comes down to the choice of OS or the ecosystem. If you love androids customization go for s6 edge or if you like ios simplicity and ease of use interface go for 6s. Both are really good phones with best in class cameras,processors and displays. specifications might go against 6s but still there will be no compromise on performance compared to s6. personally i would prefer 6s for its ease of use os,durability and better re-sale value and i don't really care much about customization and tweaks.if you love android i would suggest go for s7 edge rather than s6 edge as i hear good reviews about s7 edge but not much of positive vibe about s6 edge.


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the iPhone 6S is pretty much a dead ringer for the iPhone 6. It's not identical, though.

For one thing, the iPhone 6S is marginally thicker than the iPhone 6 thanks to a couple of important new features. We're only talking 2mm here.


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LOL! iOS over Android for stability but with stupidity, so Android for the win, though not possible with an S6! But if that floats your boat then go with it. Keep an eye on the Pixel would be my suggestion as you don't seem to have any budget constraints of any sorts.


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is best.
It even gets Noughat Update in Jan,17.

Iphone 6 dont have ready upgrades for their 3rd party apps and need to wait.

Android has so much customisation. Now that Noughat optimises battery, new notification screen.

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Android all the way now that nougat has fixed all battery draining bugs.Why don't you get pixel?Camera and everything is good.


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Neither imho, One Plus 3 offers a more compelling package at the price
iPhone is too limited, given a choice, S6 Edge is probably gonna grab more eyeballs than iPhone these days imho


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if u want a no nonsense phone which actually works as intended then look no further than an iphone. 6S is best suited if u cant stretch ur budget further for 7 or ur very sensitive about the headphone jack. Apple relaunched the 6S product line in new storage options of 32GB (₹ 50k , ₹60k for Plus) & 128GB (₹60, ₹70k for Plus) so if u see any 16GB or 64GB option then thats old stock

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Ya know. Everyone is worried about which smartphone looks the best on paper and I'm here with my HTC One M9 with no issues since day one. Sure it's not the BEST when you compare it but it's still pretty dam reliable. I could care less how good Samsung's phone looks, for what you're paying it's silly that Samsung has the balls to put in bloatware. With that said if I was given the choice of an iPhone or Galaxy. I'd hands down go with an iPhone.


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The iPhone 6S is marginally thicker. This material is 60 percent stronger than standard aluminium, but just as light.The iPhone 6S is also the easier phone to hold, thanks to its smaller size and metal back. The Galaxy S6, by contrast, is a slippery little sucker thanks to its glass back. Don't even think of laying it down on a slightly angled, non-grippy surface, as it has the tendency of sliding off with minimal provocation.Simply, the iPhone 6S display is smarter, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 screen is better looking.
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