Where does Nokia3530's DataCable Connect?

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If i am right and u r probably using the same screwed data cable that was made for 3530 then ur datacable shud go into the battery slot and the battery is to be attached into the data-cable.


Broken In
sure answer

I have the same phone Nokia 3530 and I am glad I am able to answer your query.
I was confused myself when i got the cable but i managed after a lot of experiementation.
#1. Switch off the phone and remove the battery
#2. one end of the cable obvioulsly goes to the serial port of the computer
#3. The other end is the bulky boxy structure with 4 pins protuding. This has a kind of hooks on the upper two ends to accomodate the battery. Place the battery there.
#4. Now Slide this ( battery and the cable ) to the rear end where earlier u had the battery
#5. push it tight so that it locks firmly in place. You may have to pull a small lever for that purpose and then release it. After doing so u might feel that the battery is a little slanted outwards. It does not matter just make sure the battery contact points manage to touch the mobile input power points.
#6. Now switch on the phone with the rear cover which will not close.
Happy data transfer
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