Where do you guys buy domains from?


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I am curious if anyone owns a domain. If yes, from which site?

I knew a friend who used to buy from namecheap during black friday sales.

I used to own a domain in godaddy for 1yr with .in site and hosting for 1200 in 2016

I am planning to buy a domain to host static site as a personal blog / notes using netlify free tier for hosting.

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I use Namecheap for all my domain purchases. Their user interface for managing the domains is simply the best.
I despise go daddy. Its horrendous in comparison.

Also for hosting I buy VPS space from Digital Ocean. It was among the first VPS to come with SSD and in affordable plans starting $5 per month.


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Don't know but then again domain name prices fluctuate from time to time. If nothing I prefer them for better service.
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