When your parents were teenagers

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When your parents were teenagers in 1970s or 1980s....what were they thinking about the future?

Checkout this funny article on Digg!


Crazy fashion ideas for the future (i.e. today!)
And some serious predictions:

You'll probably be carrying around a cordless telephone in your pocket. Anyone who wants to reach you can dial your number, and the call will be forwarded. No matter where you are—at the supermarket, at the beach, in Beirut, in the Alps—the call will find you.

William Sharwell, VP, AT&T 1980


Broken In

This NASA guy is unbelievable:

Satellites in space measuring 30 square miles will convert sunlight into electricity. By the second half of the '80s, the first private tourist will be in space, and by the '90s, private excursions will be frequent, though expensive. Eventually, there will be classrooms in space

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