Whatsapp UPI expected in India Soon!!

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Right off the assembly line
Popular Social messaging platform "Whatsapp":emoji_white_check_mark: is set to launch Unified Payments Interface(UPI) in India soon, mostly within this month. It is already in beta version of
Whatsapp and recently a day ago there were rumors that Whatsapp UPI was live in India, but Whatsapp confirmed that it is not yet launched officially.

It is a much awaited service and is expected to reach the rural and old age whatsapp users who are not familiar with using Google Tez or BHIM. You can transfer money to your friends easily, but they also need to have Whatsapp latest version and must link any of their Bank Account which is linked with your Whatsapp mobile number.

Once it is launched this post will be updated. Post your queries regarding this below, it will be answered.
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