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Hi, I got my first iPhone 4 days back. Thanks to Samsung for cutting down on features, I made my decision to switch to Apple. Being a complete beginner I am finding it difficult to adjust to the new platform.
Coming to WhatsApp, I have many memories and necessary documents in WhatsApp. Since there is no official way to migrate WhatsApp from Android to IOS, and I could not find any free tools, I used TensorShare iCareFone Whatsapp Transfer to migrate all my Data, Chats, and Groups to IOS.

Now the issue is all these data, specifically, the photos got saved to WhatsApp documents and data in the iPhone. After the migration is done, in WhatsApp settings, I selected the "Save to camera roll option", and now all the latest photos get saved to Photos. But how do I get the existing photos in Whatsapp data in camera roll?

Note: I know I can select the individual photos, click on the Arrow and save to photos. But will it create duplicate copies, with one already existing in the WhatsApp Data ?


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which iphone you got? There is a wondershare whatsapp transfer app which is paid that will do the job for you.
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