Whats your Average Battery life in 3G?


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Hey guys,
Post the average battery life you get on your phone when your phone is on 3G.

On my Atrix 2 I get around 6 hrs (talktime) with full brightness. when I don't have a charger on hand I switch to 2G and disable data. most of the time I would continuously use 3G to browse reddit/TDF etc.

if you are on Android you can also post the battery chart screenshot from settings. (hold Vol- and Power button simultaneously to take screenshot in Android)

Current life
Model: Motorola Atrix 2
Battery: Li-Ion 1785 mAh
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Btw doesn't it depend on the signal strength as well ? There might be many places where 3G signal is very spotty or only 1-2 bars etc. Like in my office cubicle, it is just 2 bars 3 tops, while outside it is full 5 bars.


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^^ yes it does, but I don't think its as much as it used to be previously.


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My nokia E6 would run for 2-3 days when it was in ANNA, now in belle it just stays for like 15-20 hours
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