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What's the scene with Learner's Licence? Can I own and ride bike with it!

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Ode to J.Smith
I just learned how to ride a bike and now (as many ppl said) I craving for one! But right now I just have the Learner's Licence and as per the rule I can't apply for Driver's Licence untill next month! Even after that I'll have to wait for a month to get the DL!

Now can I legally own and ride a bike with LL or Not??

Can anyone enlighten me.....every1 I asked is confused!


Om Ma Ni Pä Me Hum
Yes you can but you have to put red l sign on your ride plus you must only take one with driver licence in pillion


Ode to J.Smith
Awww...........so I'll have to wait a couple of months....

How much time it takes to get the Drivers Licence after passing the test!!


Well, in Mumbai, when you approach these driving schools, they can get you a license in a week or so, but you have to pass the test at the RTO office.


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You can own and ride a bike as well..just need to put this up

And you need to share a ride with some bugger who has been through this before and has got his permanent driving license.
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