whats the most recent stable nvidia driver?


some of nvidia 's drivers have been pretty unstable and buggy lately-i am still using an older 536.40 driver for my 3060ti and have held off the urge to update it after reading about BSODs/freezes caused by certain recent drivers on various forums and groups. (actually i had updated to 536.67 a while ago but that caused intermittent choppiness,black screens and glitchy behaviour during normal activity such as browsing etc and so i rolled back to 536.40)

however many newer games are refusing to run properly on this older driver and hence i think its about time i updated it to something more recent.So can anyone suggest what would be the most reasonably stable driver that can be installed without running into major glitches or issues?

FYI i am using win 11 pro
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I have Asus TUF 3060Ti and current on driver 537.13 and Win 11. I don't see any choppiness or such issues while normal usage. Till last week I was playing FIFA23 and didn't get any issues in games too.


Ok, i might update to it later. Prior to 545.84,which one were you using?

Installed 537.13 yesterday, so far it's been working well.


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I am still on 537.13. I have stopped auto updates for nvidia drivers. I generally update these only if I face any issues.


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whenever a new driver is out, there is a discussion thread on reddit that discusses the stability.
For example: *old.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/1bik2v6/game_ready_studio_driver_55186_faqdiscussion/
This is after a users thorough testing. I will quote one of these messages here:

  • Display blinking/temporary blackout, try setting 'Content Type Detection' in 'Nvidia Control Panel > Display > Adjust Desktop Color Settings' to 'Desktop Programs' if setting is available AND/OR adjust monitor/TV's display settings for auto-content detection AND/OR check for a display firmware update AND/OR avoid triggering Display Stream Compression (DSC) AND/OR disable display 'HDMI Consumer Electronics Control' (CEC) AND/OR disable 'AMD Instant Game Response' on LG displays
  • NIS (Nvidia Image Scaling) this driver still has an 8% to 10% NIS performance penalty on Maxwell/Pascal based GPUs. Workaround is available for Maxwell/Pascal based cards: *www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/tkca3g/game_ready_studio_driver_51215_faqdiscussion/i1sod9e/
  • Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) adding, removing or editing custom resolutions / EDID information may cause issues (Nvidia Driver Bug?). If impacted, reset the EDID to default and don't use CRU - *www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-...ses-black-screens-Crashesa?pid=14462#pid14462
  • nvgpucomp64.dll crashes, check CPU clock/voltage/multipliers etc.
  • NVLDDMKM / TDR / Stability issues, if troubleshooting (re-evaluating RAM/CPU/GPU overclocks voltage timings, disabling PCI Express Link State Power Management/PCI Express ASPM (PCH)/PCI Express Clock Power Gating in BIOS, testing with Nvidia Debug Mode, testing Powersupply [PSU] e.g set to Single Rail, disabling Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling setting, EDID ?driver? bug (see CRU entry), disabling hibernation/fast startup, disabling Low Level Driver options in Afterburner/PrecisionX etc) hasn't helped try a driver considered by the community as stable/consistent
  • Drivers 512.95, 516.94, 517.48, 522.25, 526.86, 528.49, 532.34, 537.58, 538.42 are considered stable/consistent by the community. While driver branches based on r530/r535/r545 and early r550 mainline currently have the most reported issues, versions 536.99, 537.13, 537.42, 546.17(W10), 551.23(W10), 551.52, 551.81, 551.86 are worth trying despite issues


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I suggest you also try Clean Boot approach and test it out. This will temporarily hide all non MS services.
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