What is with those DATA entry job provider ?


Cyborg Agent

In short:
Are there really genuine data entry job provider like form upload , data upload etc. ?

Some background:
Few days back, one of my friend came to me (with impression that I might know about such things) that he wants to invest in some data entry job and he is willing to use part of his existing office.

He had a sub contract with an agency for uploading data for a Govt. organization, recently contract expired and now he has his place (10 seat ) unused.

So he came to me with information about various website providing online data job, one is providing Rs. 3 per form upload for 5 person, other is providing Rs. 10 for similar task. First one is asking Rs. 50K upfront and while other one is Rs. 100K . They all have their representative and they are in touch with him constantly.

In my views , anything asking upfront for such work is scam but they have people convincing him, calling him, inviting him to their office.

Now I don't know what to advice, he need to get some work to utilize his office, but I don't want him to suffer.


Computer Addict
There are genuine cases where you are supposed to pay upfront so that they know you are serious. It is widely misused though.


Cyborg Agent
Lets go by second statement ie. Dilip.. so how to know its not scam , any traits to look for ?
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