General Query Warranty on online products ?


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Some days back, I was told by a shopkeeper that TP link routers bought don't get warranty. Just today, I was told again by a different shopkeeper that online products don't get warranty when I was looking at bluetooth handsets.

1. Do I get warranty on all the products online (mostly flipkart,, snapdeal etc)? If not, on which ones do I specifically don't get warranty? Is it limited to specific product, brand or website?

2. Is there any way for me to find whether the product I want to buy online has warranty or not?

3.If anything else is relevant, lemme know.


Unless its stated on the product page, it will have manufacturer warranty. Its sad to hear that shopkeepers are using such tactics to demote online sale and increase their own income. To confirm warranty details, you can contact the seller and/or the customer care of the product's company.
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