Want to buy Bosch or IFB fully automatic washing machine of 7KG

Which of the following models of washing machines are overall good including its service

  • IFB Serena Aqua SX

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  • Bosch WAK20164IN

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  • Any other, please specify & give reasons

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Hi friends,

I am looking forward to buy either of the following washing machines, Bosch or IFB, please suggest which one to buy. I am living in Delhi.

IFB Serena Aqua SX

Bosch WAK20164IN

The machine will use hard water of nearly 900 TDS and it will be used for 4 adults. My budget is 30K max. The only other brand which I considered was LG but its machine of 7kg is costing nearly 31000/- nearly 4500 above these 2 machines hence I left it. Else that is a great machine. I considered IFB because it has feature to reduce the hardness of water. Bosch mahines are good but only issue is with its service (as heard). No idea how is its service in Delhi.

Thanks friends in advance.


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No idea about it but never buy a fridge/washing machine/AC from a brand which does not have a good after sales support in your area(don't assume a brand's after sale support is equal in all areas/cities).
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