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Vista's Digital Locker Assistant Tool.

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buried in C:\Windows\DigitalLocker\digitalx.exe , withoust a shorcut in the start menu, is the new Digital Locker Assistant Tool, a Windows Download Utility.

this tool can u used to download/shop/manage with ease at windowsmarketplace. broken downloads r resumed at the point where they broke off. with the digital locker assistant you can download and install the software you purchased.


this free desktop client also keeps your software & license keys online; so that qs of misplaced keys doz not arise at all.

ofcourse here the concept of buying/using sw is difrnt, ;-) so the utility of this otherwise useful tool is a difrnt story ... :D

nonetheless, this is good info to have around :)

more here at digitallocker.


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Hey i was just got my hands on Vista, and this feature aint hidden at all!!
First, if you open the Programs section of Control Panel, In the Get Programs online section, you have the "Manage Programs you buy online (Digital Locker)" which opens up this tool.

Also, when you open Programs and Features ( Add Remove Programes), in the task pane on the left, you have the option to View Purchased Software ( Digital Locker).

So they have put it in the right places.
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