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video encoding.....!!!!!

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hell boy
:rolleyes::smile:hi digitians......!!!!
i would like to know how can i compress the video to a great extent{ real great extent} without lesser loss in qulity....:smile: like that nHanc3 does with the movies.....90 min video in less than 400 mb:rolleyes:

sigh.......my ques generally doesn't have answers......
atlest u guys dont have i guess.....
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x264 is the way to go!! google it , you will find a lot of info about it.
It has the characteristic of producing excellent quality even at 400-500 kbps bitrate along with aac as the audio codec(using nero aac encoder which is free)
I recommend two programs to encode to x264 , both being free -
1)megui - excellent with a lot of options but with a steeper learning curve
2)Staxrip - excellent for beginners
Both programs also allow to encode files with xvid+mp3 audio.
Disadvantages of x264 is that it requires higher processing power to decode and it is incompatible with standalone divx players.
Hope this answers your question..
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