1. A

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum

    I want wifi booster that can extent its range to the maximum i mean which wifi booster can receive signals upto 200 meters
  2. D

    NFS:Most Wanted (2012) FPS Issues

    Anyone else havin' em? I had to turn on "lockto30" in my config file to stop the stutter to at least some extent. Set it to false (default) and the game stutters anywhere from 65 to 25 fps:cry:
  3. Desmond

    How's your social life/Help with social life.

    Hi all, As you know that geeks are usually stereotyped into guys with low self-esteem, awkward social presence, who dwell in their dungeon-esque basements and type away on their computers. Though a little far fetched, it is actually true (to one extent) for many of us (me included). Some of...
  4. M

    video encoding.....!!!!!

    :rolleyes::smile:hi digitians......!!!! i would like to know how can i compress the video to a great extent{ real great extent} without lesser loss in qulity....:smile: like that nHanc3 does with the movies.....90 min video in less than 400 mb:rolleyes: sigh.......my...
  5. bbalegere

    Bluetooth,irda,wifi+torch- which phone?

    I need a good mobile phone with bluetooth,irda,torch and the ability to install softwares and the ability to customize the phone to a large extent. Range - within Rs 10,000
  6. hahahari

    Best phone under 5K???

    Well pls help me out on that one. I want to be able to mod the phone to some extent though.
  7. go4saket

    Overclocking Queries???

    Hi Guys! I am absolutely new in the field of overclocking and needed to know how is overclocking done and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Which are the parts in computer that can be overcloacked and to what extent. Thankyou.
  8. sagar_coolx

    what do i stand to lose with no symbian?

    hey guyz, we know se has introduced some gr8 multimedia fones like k750 n tne walkman series, but my friends and most of the people still favour nokia smartphones....why u ask....'SYMBIAN' comes the reply. but i have one very important to ask...to what extent of practicality is symbian...
  9. pickster

    Extent Of Playing Games

    To what extent have you gone for playing video games ?[be it pc, console, nintendo, etc.] Share your experiences here. My story : I haved played games in nearly all exams till now without letting anyone know. Till now I have performed good but gotta stop it now, 10th has come!
  10. A

    A FOSS Workshop in Geological Survey of India

    We have a FOSS workshop at Hyderabad on May 17 and 18th. I have selected three topics to present there. But I need some screenshots that I am not getting anywhere. Specially from some Live CDS I am unable to screencapture and save on a media. My topics are: 1. Localization (l10n)into Indic...
  11. S

    is winamp 5.04 recordq

    well can win amp 5.04 record online music streaming music if yes how please narrate to some extent thnks saha
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