Viable ways to earn money by working from home/freelancing


I've been thinking of legitimate ways by which one could earn a decent amount of money by working from home.

Due to certain constraints and issues that currently exist within my family,its really difficult for me to continue working a 9-5 job at some company on a regular basis as of now.

Among other things,my mother is not in the best of health,and i need to stay with her as she lives alone.

My current job entails staying away from home for much of the day,and this is causing me a lot of inconvenience.Also with the onset of the covid pandemic,the management has been treating its employees very rudely and introducing heavy cutbacks to our salaries,because of which i have lost my interest to continue working there.Many senior employees who were my co-workers got into heated arguments/squabbles with the management due to their ill-treatment and were consequently sacked!

I've been seeking methods by which i could make a respectable amount of money by working from home,but most of the so-called work from home offers are either too good to be true or scams eg when this white hat junior thing first emerged,they advertised that they were hiring teachers for coaching kids in IT/computer science,and they could do it online-being from a CSE background,i applied for it but till date haven't received any responses whatsover from their end.Not surprising,given that they are a bunch of crooks as i learned later.

I've heard that some well known mncs like Amazon often hire people to work from home and provide customer/tech support or manage databases etc,but don't really have any clear idea of the process of applying or getting such jobs.I don't think such jobs are always listed on sites like and one needs to have connections within the company (such as friends/relatives) to know of their availability.

So if there's anyone who could give me some pointers regarding ways one could freelance/work from home and make money then i would be very grateful indeed.
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