Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet


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Source : Use your laptop as Wi-Fi router to share internet | My Tech Yard

Provided you have a laptop, and the internet connection to it via LAN, you can use the laptop as the Wi-Fi router. This can be achieved by doing simple network configuration.
- Go to Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center
- Click on “Setup a new connection or network”
- Select “Setup a wireless ad-hoc network”


- Give a connection name (SSID) and set the network key
- Turn on the internet connection sharing


Now you will be able to search for this Wi-Fi AP in other laptops, and mobiles. You can start using the internet just be entering the network key.


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Hi, I am new here and feel happy for becoming the part of this great environment.Thanks for the information as I did not know much WiFi related details.


If on Windows 7 use Connectify. It makes use of the Windows Virtual Access point and makes the connection possible for device that work with Access Points only (not Ad Hoc)


Right off the assembly line
I am having problem sharing the LAN connection through wifi. In ubuntu it works but I can't get it working in windows. I setup adhoc connection but it does not show internet sharing option in windows7.
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