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USA Dell under 45k


Guys my cousin is in USA and they would be coming back by September and i was planning to get a new laptop. Now from this forum only i had finalised on the inspiron 14r with core i5 480m + 4GB + 320GB + AMD HD 5650m 1GB. for 40k.

but i just tried the dell usa website and from there using dell coupons i could config it an XPS 15 with core i7 2630qm + 8GB + 500GB 7200rpm+ GT540m
this came roughly around 45k.
My main use is cad applications( first priority) with a little casual gaming (can play in low res and settings) movies and some music. I know that cad apps can utilize multicore proccys effectively.
so here are my queries
1. Is it better value to get the laptop from US or india?
2. is there any tax or other duties associated with bringing the laptop to india?
3. My cousin is working in accenture. will he get any discounts from the member purchase program and how much?
4. theres option for full hd 1080p diplay or multi touch 720p display both with same price tag of $150? What should i choose? Are they worth it?
5. Also suggest me a good config strictly under 45k.

Thanks friends in advance for all your support.
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