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I have AMD FX6300 with ASUS M5A97 Le r2.0 MOBO, also a GT740 (2GB DDR5) Graphics Card. Currently I have 4 GB ram but I want to upgrade it to 8 GB.
Currently I have Kingston kvr16n11s8/4 and I need to know that if i buy the same piece of RAM can I dual Channel my memory. Or I need to buy both new 4 GB RAM`s. Also I need to know that is the RAM that I am currently using is good enough to handle some of the latest demanding games like COD Infinite Warfare, etc, and I also do a lot of video rendering and stuff with Vegas Pro and after effects.



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For Dual channel you need to have 2 similar RAM(like 4GB in your case) with similar latency.

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you can use any 4GB stick and board will set them in dual channel ( but it is not recommended to mix different spec ram )
but fx6300 benifit a lot from high speed ram, and your kingston is value ram
so i will recommend something like hyperx and overclock ot to the max stable you can get
2x4GB is minimum recommended.
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