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Upgrade to 8gb ram laptop


My laptop model is asus k53sm-sx010d. Games like nfs Rivals which require 8gb ram are currently working fine at low details on 4gb ram.
I need to know will upgrading to 8gb will improve gaming performance as most games now require 6gb ram.
Which 4gb module will be best compatible with current module?


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It is a nVIDIA GeForce GT 630M GPU, [MENTION=145143]SaiyanGoku[/MENTION], as according to Flipkart site.

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Remember @OP,if you plan to upgrade your RAM,then buy a 4GB DDR3 RAM module(laptop only) having voltage specs. of 1.5V only,which is the most important aspect.


RAM makes little to no difference when it comes to FPS, if your game is stuttering (I.e. takes a long time to load textures and stuff), then upgrading RAM could be useful..
Otherwise for normal "lag", i.e. low fps, your GPU would be the culprit
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