Upgrade or not


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Is there any particular reason for upgrading? Do you feel limited by your phone presently? It is scheduled to get Lollipop 5.1.

The processing power of either of the new ones is probably better than ZR. In that way it would be an upgrade. Also bigger screen could be considered an upgrade. Not sure about battery life though.


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Main Reason - Need a dual sim. Need one comparable to the ZR or better. Max 20k.
I would be traveling so will have a Matrix sim with me along with the regular Voda sim :).


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I have used the Zenfone 2 FHD 2GB version which is now pretty good at its price range since they fixed the heating, battery drain, camera problems but the screen is kind of dull and I didnt like the placement of buttons.

Have not used Moto X P yet
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