Upgrade CPU i5 to i7 and gtx965m to gtx970m for 13k?


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Here is the deal: I am getting a new laptop for 106k with i5-4210h and Gtx965m 2gb and a 1tb hdd+512gb ssd and a manufactured refurbished(its new but was returned to the manufactured within 21 days on the no questions asked return scheme, or something so its not exactly new).. this second laptop has a i7-4710hq and gtx970m 3gb and a 1tb hdd+128gb ssd. Rest of the specs are exactly the same. Which one should i go for and why?


Buy a new laptop with same specs instead from Azom for the same if not lesser price for config with 970m.

Which laptop is under consideration here by the way?


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Alienware 15.. importing it.. and no Sager please.. or xoticpc.. I need ASS and also resale value(AW is an established brand in that regard). And I have looked at Azom..100k for 870m and almost same specs and not so great warranty(if any). AW warranty is all covered. Anyway I am totally convinced with the laptop. Can you help with the choice to be made above? Is paying 13k extra justified? And my uses are pretty general and light to medium gamin(CS GO, Dota and DA: Inquisition)
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