Unreliable Reliance


In the zone
My friends used to tell me how sick they have been of Reliance Broadband; I hardly ever paid attention until my Reliance connection stopped working by the end of January. After a few weeks of hassle I got the connection terminated.

I got a new Reliance connection in (probably) April, it worked fine for a while, then stopped working on June 17, 2014, and is still dead. I have patiently called customer care each day only to be fed a load of lies. All of ask of them is repayment of my installation charges and June's fee (advance), or reinstatement of connection, but they fail to do either.

The reality is that Reliance is unwilling to pay its dues to owners of houses where they install their DCEs (or, maybe, called EDPs), and I (and many others) have been tormented as a result.

What can I possibly do to force them to pay what I ask?

P.S. Word of advice to anyone thinking about getting a Reliance connection: Stay away, seriously.
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