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True wireless under 5000. Pls help me choose


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Hi everyone,

I have been longing for wireless earbuds for quite some time now. I have been using wired IEM's past so many years from brands like JBL, Sennheiser, Sony etc... they are good but now I need something different.

I am not an audiophile and only use I have for them is to listen music while
Driving, exercising or watching movies.

I am looking for buds that are compact and are not bulky.

So after a little research I came across few of the brands which may fulfill my needs.

My budget is 5K Max.

Here is my lists

Crossbeats air, Crossbeats urban, Crossbeats Electra, TAGG Zero G, Motorola verve, Realme buds air, Noise shots X5

As there are now so many brands to choose from I would really appreciate any new suggestions that could work out for me.

By the way my audio taste lies in mid-high's and I am not too much of a BASS seeker.
Maybe just a little....


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The site didn't help at all if I say so.
I only saw 2 or 3 brands under my budget that too with very less reviews.

I also noticed that there are not many user left or interested enough to reply nowdays, like it used to be few years earlier.
Headphonezone is probably the only site of its type in India & is your best bet for buying audio gear not available on major shopping sites as its after sales support seems to be quite good. Your only other option is trying to get some good model not available here from abroad using sites like aliexpress,gearbest etc but recent custom rules have made it so that there are more chances of paying hefty customs duty of ~35% & more delay in getting delivery. @SaiyanGoku has ordered earphones from aliexpress before so he may know some other options or may be @Nerevarine know some options available here.
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