Tracking Your Daily Activities


Do you like tracking data and reflecting on it ? What activities do you track ? What services do you use ? Do you analyze the Data?

Here are a few services I'm using right now :

Goodreads for Books for Music
iCheckMovies for Movies
Google Fit for Fitness


The Slowest One
Any benefit of tracking these, apart from health?
Right now I am only tracking Anime since I add them in my Watchlist and pick later to watch. And its hard to remember Japanese titles so I mark them Completed once I finish watching so that I don't start the same series again by mistake.


The Power of x480
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I like tracking too. Numbers can speak a lot about your progress or lack of thereof.
I used to use icheckmovies to track the movies I watched. But somehow I just started to rate the movies on IMDb, to track them automatically.
Gaming of course is auto tracked by steam.

But lately I also track my earnings and expenditure. Every single rupee is accounted for. Helps in creating budget and plan finances.
I also like to track the places I have been to, and despite the fact that someone would say google maps is a bad idea, it's very convinient for the same.
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