The Last Of Us Part II


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Hello people,

Just watched one of my friends finish TLoU Part 2 and he wasn't satisfied. Following him even I felt the story was quite twisted
and killing one of the most iconic characters in such gruesome fashion couldn't be justified.
There is also a lot of hate being spewed on Youtube and Twitter and death threats given to some of the actors who portrayed certain characters in the game. This makes me think where our morality is going if death threats are given for such trivial matters. Anyway would like your thoughts on how you liked the game and if it could have been better.


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Some fandoms can be pretty toxic, so this is not a unique case. I think this is more an outcome of society not teaching people how to express themselves in a more positive way.

Don't know about the game because I don't own a console, so I don't know the context of this toxicity. But I can say that sending death threats to anyone is not justified under any circumstance. People need to realize that this is only a game, it's not like you'll die if it's not up to your expectations.
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