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Hello everyone. I have bought a laptop(dell inspiron 15) for the very first time.
I also have a desktop (p4 machine) which i bought 5 years ago. I am very careless, but that was ok with the desktop since its so rugged n tough. But the laptop seems fragile in comparison. Its been only a month since i bought it n there are little scratches on its lid, the screen is very dirty and battery backup is inconsistent(some time 3 hours, sometime hardly an hour and half).

So I am creating this thread where experienced members and ppl who have owned a laptop for a long time may advise the first time laptop owners on taking care of their machines.

I would like to know:
how to maximise battery life and performance (so that it doesnt need charging often)
lcd screens seem very delicate in comparison to crts. How to clean them. It is advisable to laminate laptop screen?
How to facilitate cooling in laptop?


Mobile Freak
Well the first thing is tht use d battery as min. as u can
Or it wl reduce battery life.
Secondly just clean ur lappy vid soft cotton cloth , no chemicals or solutions at all.
Buy a small vacum cleaner specially made 4 will clean the hide-outs and other parts of system
And dnt laminate it wl block d air outlets provided to keep d sys. cool.

Hope it wl help u :)


Legendary Darknight
u should at least discharge ur battery once in a month and charge it again... it will keep ur battery healthy...
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