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Which one you prefer...

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well i though it was needed as i couldn't find much abut bb in proper. me.. i had the BB 8310 until the trackball went poof!.. bought the 9700 for 28000. its got a nice trackpad.. no ball :) . its nice :)


Bond, Desi Bond!
first question from me: what data plan do you use? And I heard lot that normal data plans won't work for BB phones in India.


In the zone
I have the BIS from Vodafone 1099 unlimited plan. You need to have BIS (Blackberry internet services) activated for your service provider to utilise the full power of the device. if you use normal dataplans you browser possibly will be removed.


Cyborg Agent
What does it have in "extra" to justify that plan 1099 :shock:
Is is faster than Push mail on Android??

What do you get extra apart from the regular data plans offered by all service providers in terms of browsing and all??

I never used any Blackberry Phone or service before and hence the queries :)


Ambassador of Buzz
BlackBerry Service is different from other mobile OS,

There are two plans,BIS & BES both are maintained at Server level by the service provider,

You can create 10 accounts folders in BIS online which is maintained at the server and transmitted to your device.We cannot create any account in our own blackberry device,only online.

Once you stop the plan,all your mail folders will disappear in your device!

In unlimited plans,you can browse unlimited way and connect to your PC by Tethering! in addition to unlimited mails and attachments.Plan charges vary,I pay Rs.6999 per annum for unlimited plans.

Even cheaper plans like Rs.299/pm (for unlimited mails & chat but no browsing!) are also available.

In Android,a similar PUSH concept exists ONLY for gmails.Other mails like POP/IMAP are supported only in PULL fromat.Unfortunately Android doesn't support FREE mails in Client.We can use browser to check them.

Unfortunately,even iPhone supports PUSH only for Yahoomail and MS Exchange.Other POP/IMAP are only PULL type.IF you are willing to pay for MobileMe,then you can get PUSH mails indirectly.

If somone lives on eMails for survival,then there is NO match for BlackBerry,

More to come......!


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This time .......for a change got my first "WhiteBerry 9700" a.k.a BOLD2


Trackpad is very sturdy,far far better than trackball of 9000!

BOld 2 is really fast,needs time to explore........


Ambassador of Buzz
Keypad is little crampy compared to Bold 9000,I agree.....!

But,overall very snappy,brilliant display,I've installed many many apps,still Free Mem is around 104MB,! its Gr8! I use to get 9 to 11MB free in BB9000,

Except for "AlertMatrix" which is slightly buggy in 9700,all other apps are working nicely,

Tried a 'white' coat for it?!



White 9700 resembles E71 in some aspects:



In the zone
If i set an appointment in blackberry calender (9700, os 5.0), and set a reminder of say 0 min. create a series of recurrences/repeats of the reminder on a daily basis, i see that the reminder alert is in the first instance if the appointment only and is not copied to the rest of the instances if the appointments. How do i make the reminders also to be copies to all the recurrences ? anyone ?


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In Android,a similar PUSH concept exists ONLY for gmails.Other mails like POP/IMAP are supported only in PULL fromat.Unfortunately Android doesn't support FREE mails in Client.We can use browser to check them.

If you have Eclair and above then Android supports push mail for Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! mail and of course Gmail.


Ambassador of Buzz
^^^Is it?

I thought only 'Seven Beta' helps in getting pushed yahoo & aol,

K-9 Mail and MailDroid works well in IMAP IDLE,

When I tried yahoo,I couldn't get push notifications in my Milestone 2.1,

Did U try yahoo?

Unfortunately I sold my milestone,waiting for a good Android device with long lasting battery!


Broken In
After good feed back I have also got Bold2 T mobile unlocked .But my carrier do not
provides BIS.So i tried to install opera mini from my Pc but doesnt works!

Is there anybody's there to tell how to install third party software and applications
in my Bold2.
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