tell me something about u r mobile???

Which mobile u have???

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I'm using Nokia N-gage and buddy i can say confidently that this fone rocks man.You get everything in just about 7k...From mp3 player to a USB mass storage.From game playibility to wav tones....Video playing capabilities...and last but the biggest advantage is the sound quality it offers.It's great at sound man.The set rocks.
The only feature it lacks is a camera....(But who the hell uses a camera anyway).
Chow 'n' adios


Right off the assembly line

Hi guys ...

I have just bought a Nokia 6600. Its my fourth phone this year after Nokia 3530, 6100, 6610i .

The main reason for the upgrade was its amzing camera clarity, bluetooth and symbian OS. Its so customizable. I have 2 128 mb cards , 1 64 mb sd card and 1 32 mb one.

I use it mainly to make calls. But also pair it my palm and laptop to browse net thru gprs, SMS, and click my kids photos. ;)

I have aroung 80 mbs of applicatins and 60 mbs of music for the 6600.



if u dont got one....y r u just posting that....thats just spamming....u coulda sed sumthing like 'i dont hav one but my dad has this one n da good thing about it is...'


6100...b4 dat had samsung r220 which sucked majorly and b4 that n3310.
3310 is the best phone ever made :)
6100 is ok.but i guess no otehr fone will come close to the build quality and reliability of a 3310.


Broken In
Motorola A760: Its more than a phone.
The coolest thing about this phone is that it really is a PDA with a touchscreen.
- stunning 65K large TFT screen
- organizer is the best (with calendar, todos, alarm,....)
- plays mp3 (though it only has 8 MB - good enough for ringtones)
- records video (to some proprietary format)
- PC connectivity via USB cable so that I can download wallpapers, custom themes, mp3 ringtones and what not ;-) :p


In the zone
i have a nokia 5210..... people say nothing happens to the phone even if you drop it but then i ain`t taking that risk...... ;)
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