Teflon coating of body - how to care for?


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I have a 4 year old Maruti Ritz. I got it coated with DuPont Teflon (Maruti showroom associates) for which I got a sticker on the windshield before I got it out of the showroom. I had also got an underbody coating done to prevent corrosion. (Not sure what material is used there)

I did not follow any specific advise while washing the car and generally I get it washed at any of the road side car washes.

Recently since I have been finding it more and more difficult to see anything at night if there is any oncoming vehicle due to the glare produced by the headlight on my windscreen I thought of replacing the windscreen and the showroom guy recommended trying a windscreen treatment before going for replacement. The guy who does it says it clears off any accumulated deposits on the windshield and makes the vision much better. The cost is 1 grand.

I got that done and at the same time got another teflon coat done to smooth over the numerous scratches the body has accumulated over time. (He had 3 different brands of which the only one I know was 3M and was the cheapest at 1.5 grands. I am not planning to keep this car for long, may be a year or 2 at the maximum.)

When I asked for any wash care instructions he had no clue and just nodded. I remember when I bought my first Bajaj Pulsar in 2003 and got a Teflon coat on it, I was advised to avoid "diesel wash"

What do you know about these things? Please throw some light.


After some more searching it looks I might have been scammed. Reports indicate that DuPont no longer sells Teflon for automobile coatings in India and 3M does not have any treatment based on that.
I might have just paid for an expensive wax job ;)
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