Tablet Buying - Pls Advise android upcoming or now


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(Kindly guide asap need to decide fast)

Dear Experts,
Need to buy tablet for my father. He uses android mobile currently. So aware of basic features to use. His primary usage would be using appls like IRCTC zerodha movies youtube and emails web surfing etc. Play store download apps.

My queries:

1. i have never tried Chrome os based tablet. Is it comparable to android tablet and does it provide atleast equivalent features for above usage?
Any disadvantages of chrome os in tablet over android OS.
Reason i ask is because chrome tablet appears to be a bit cheaper.

2. I prefer android tablet over Ipad apple. Two reasons
One ipad is costly second many apps are too costly to purchase for ipad but easily available for android. Also it will be a bit learning curve for him.
Am i right in my understanding?

3. Should i wait for new android tablets which are upcoming soon as it seems they will provide good features in 30k range? or purchase now.
Q is it worth waiting for new models? Are they launching in India sooner in one month?

4. Ideally looking for WIfi plus 4gLTE plus larger screen. Budget max is 30k can strect a bit.

5. Is it better to buy laptop with tab facility ?

Kindly advise


Feel Pain.
Samsung is launching A7 lite and tab s7 fe in India.

Chrome OS is only good for students.

Imo go for iPad, it will be better for your usecase and will last 2-3 years, compared to Android, this will be longer and better.

The cheapest iPad is 29K.

Edit:- the cellular model will be more expensive and does not support calling.

Tablet PCs are good but you will need to shell out more money in order to buy something sustainable(near to 45-55k)
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