Suggestions Needed For RAM Upgrade.

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I want to upgrade the RAM of my Hp Pavillion PC having following configuration Pentium4 541 (P) HT 3.2 GHz:Intel 915G
Memory Installed:512 MB (2 x 256)
Memory Slots Available:4
Now i want to upgrade my RAM by adding 3-4 I GB RAM sticks.I just want to know whether my PC will practically support 4GB of RAM or will it be advisable to keep my RAM just little above 3GB,say 3x 1GB + 1x 256MB.
Please suggest...
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if ur mobo has 4 RAM slots then u can upgrade upto 4GB of RAM :D
use everest or other benchmark tool 2 get the exact RAM frequency needed/supported :rolleyes:


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Yes, your PC will support 4GB RAM. But it only supports DDR2 533MHz RAM and DDR444 RAM. So I suggest get 1x4GB DDR2 533MHz RAM and unplug and throw away the old ones.


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to the OP:

well no need to throw away ur old RAMs, since u already hv 2x256 MB RAMs wich is occupying 2 slots, so the remaining 2 slots can be installed with 2x1GB so making a total of 2.5GB of RAM..

else, u can beat this config and get all 4x1GB rams and make a total of 4 GB RAM in DUAL channel mode.. :)
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