Suggestions for wifi router with MU-MIMO, USB port & Mesh support


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Hi Guys,

I have been looking for a router that supports MU-MIMO & one-mesh and has a USB port.

I finalized these 2 : TP-Link AC1900 Archer A9 & AC1750 Archer A7.

Now the issue is A9 doesn't have mesh and A7 doesn't have MU-MIMO.

To add little more detail, USB port is a must (want to use it as a cheap NAS for storing video from a camera). Now my confusion is which one to sacrifice MU-MIMO or Mesh ? I live in a 3 rooms house where the main router is going to be in one corner. I already have a tp-link range extender (it supports mesh) and that is going to be placed either in one room on the other corner or somewhere in the middle. Most of the time while using the internet we are going to be away from the main router and there is no way to move it.

What do you guys suggest ? A9 is costing 5k on amazon and budget wise, i seem to be on the edge already. But if there is something absolutely fantastic, may consider spending more. Or you think should consider spending on something like tp-link Deco or similar ?

Thank you


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Between Mash & MU-MIMO first one is preferred as it has much more influence on range/connectivity compared to MU-MIMO.