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Suggestions for 40 inch or larger LED TV


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1. Budget? Up to 55k
2. Display type and size? 1080p, LED, minimum 40 inch, larger the better :p
3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? TV, Movies, may hook up a console later
4. Ports Required? nothing special, just the standard
5. Preferred choice of brand? None (except Micromax or any such cheap crap lol)
6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? Nothing in particular


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hello guys instead of making another thread i will ask here
3d tv min 42inch for 65k

also i found about lg 42 inch 3d 4k for something like 70k can remember the model name
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Guys, how is Toshiba's after sales support and service in Kolkata? That 47 inch model which [MENTION=125133]Minion[/MENTION] suggested looks really nice.


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Don't waste your money on 4K. There aren't any true 4K tv's out yet. We will start seeing some proper 4K displays next year.
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