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My local cablewala is piece of !@#$ and the internet stays down almost 5-7 days of a month, every month.
Only mobile network that works inside my house is JIO.
Using this as hotsopt now almost everyday.
As the cable brodband situation is not improving anytime soon, looking for JioFI as alternate solution.

Kinda decided that I'm going to buy this JioFi hotspot device.
Only bad thing that came up to my research that the range is very bad.
So, how is the range actually and is there any model that has better range than this.

Is the any other such device that I can use with a JIO sim? Note, only JIO works inside my house, so it has to support JIO.


Democracy is a myth
Is JioGiga Fiber coming to your locality ?
Not sure.

Currently the connection is interest based.
They would provide connection to those areas first from where most interest was generated.

If it comes any time soon, I'll sure jump to that.
Till that day I'll have to pass by some measure.


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Correct but it is an issue only if connection speed is too high.e.g.300mbps range extender will effectively result in 150mbps wifi but this is still more than enough for a jiofi connection of 40-60mbps.
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