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Suggestion for mobo for AMD X3 440


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Hi Friends,

I am looking forward to buy a new PC. But am confused between mobos. I need USB3 and onboard graphics within a budget of Rs.3500/-.

Is there any reliable mobo in this budget with USB3?

Other components which i intend to buy are:

Pro: X3 440
MOBO : ?
Ram : 4 GB Corsair 1666 mhz (already have this)
HDD: 500 GB
Cabinet: Bijli (already have this)
SMPS: Corsair CX 400 any other only if this is not found.
Monitor : currently have 15" CRT but will upgrade to LCD in 5-6 months.


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Jaskanwar Singh

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Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H @ 4.5k~ is minimum for usb3.
for smps get corsair cx400w or fsp saga II 500w.
try to add a athlon II x4 635.


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I don't have problem adding Athlon II X4 635 but the problem is that I will be using this PC for normal gaming, seeing movies and normal office work for not more than 2-3 hours a day. So buying a strong processor for such work is rather waste and not only that, X4 will consume much more power as compared to X3 440.

Pls tell is FSP Saga II 500w or 400 w 80+ certified?
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