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suggest me nikon d3200 /nikon d5100/canon eos1100D


hello friends,

After lots of goggling i came across these 3 cameras:

(1)NIKON D3200+8-55 mm VR Kit Lens= 27,600
(2)NIKON D5100+AF-S 18-55mm VR Kit Lens=28,337
(3)CANON EOS1100D+Double Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF-S 55-250mm IS II)=28995

suggest me which one sholud i go ?

i want these dslr for capturing image :D not for video

shold i go with body only as i heard that the lenses offered with these have f3.5?

prices are taken from flipkart trusted seller for me


i own canon eos1100d ,its good for beginners
also canon lenses are cheaper than Nikon
so if ur beginner canon will be a gd option

Great deal!
Buy now
Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 1100D
Startup delay
Almost no delay when powering up
100 ms startup delay

Shutter lag
Barely any delay taking photos
110 ms shutter lag
Battery life
Great battery life
700 shots

Built-in focus motor
Autofocuses with more lenses

Reasons to buy the Nikon D5100
Low light performance
Low noise at high ISO
1,183 ISO

Overall image quality
Great image quality
Movie format
Full HD
1080p @ 30fps

Color depth
Great color depth
23.5 bits
the shutter speed is gd in canon
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will sugest d5100 its a very common camera used by everyone beginner and pros and its cheap also
compared to pic quality

raja manuel

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Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 1100D
Built-in focus motor
Most definitely not true. Canon DSLRs do not have inbuilt focus motors. All Canon lenses have built-in motors, while none of their bodies have.

As for the choices offered, if the D3200 really came with an 8-55 mm lens it would be a sweet deal but I suspect that you mean 18-55 mm.
Of the other two, it depends on what kind of photography you do and how much you are into photography. The lens holds the value while the body doesn't and on that measure the 1100D with dual lens kit scores highly over the D5100; you are actually getting the body at a throwaway price which is fine as it is pretty old. On the other hand the D5100 has a better sensor but you are paying a lot for an older body.
I would recommend
* 1100D with dual lens kit if you are on a tight budget, want the extra reach of the second lens, unlikely to invest heavily in photography from now on, and willing to experiment with custom firmware mods to extend the capabilities of the 1100D body
* D5100 if you need a more capable body for immediate needs and have no problem in investing more in photography equipment later

Let us know if you have specific needs which can make the choice easier.


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Raja, Thread is too old, and he have already bought D5100 long back...

raja manuel

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Yeah, I noticed that, but had to step in to correct the bit about the autofocus motor and got a bit carried away after that :)
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