1. Ricky

    Confuse with DSLR camera

    Hi, I have been planning to buy a DSLR lately, it will be my first DSLR, have been researching for a while and finalized : Nikon D5300 with 18-140mm VR lenses. (Rs. 52K online) I am avoiding 18-55mm + 55-200mm kit as I have seen many times that people missing the opportunity while they...
  2. P

    Nikon D5300 + 18-55mm: What additional lens should I get?

    Hi, I'm planning to get the Nikon D5300 (not D5500 in any case) and of course as usual the 18-55mm kit lens. But now I've got 2 more choices of lens to go with but both of them look equally good. And following are the two options in which I'm confused. #1 Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 55-300mm...
  3. S

    Canon 600D or Nikon D5200 or Sony A58

    I am going to invest in very first dSLR of my life. so it should be wise. I am a Canon fan but there are other beasts that are better in my given price range (37K, with stock 18-55mm). I have already investigated about all those and know Canon is losing. Just wanted you peoples opinion. :-)
  4. A

    [Want to Buy] Canon EOS 1100D with 18-55mm lens.

    I want to buy : Canon EOS 1100D with 18-55mm lens. Not more than 2 years used. I am from mumbai. Regards, AH
  5. jaimin100

    suggest me nikon d3200 /nikon d5100/canon eos1100D

    hello friends, After lots of goggling i came across these 3 cameras: (1)NIKON D3200+8-55 mm VR Kit Lens= 27,600 (2)NIKON D5100+AF-S 18-55mm VR Kit Lens=28,337 (3)CANON EOS1100D+Double Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF-S 55-250mm IS II)=28995 suggest me which one sholud i go ? i...
  6. desiibond

    My first camera and it hates mirrors

    Canon EOS M with 18-55mm kit lens and speedlite ex90 external flash. 419$ at bhphotovideo.
  7. desiibond

    I can haz photo blog

    Canon EOS M with 18-55mm kit lens and speedlite ex90 external flash. 419$ at bhphotovideo.
  8. marvelousprashant

    DEAL : Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens and Warranty for INR 28000

    Not that I am buying. But for anyone who is interested. LINK Canon EOS 550D Digital Camera with 18-55mm lens 2 Years Canon India Warranty | eBay Seller reputation is pretty good too
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