Suggest me a mobo with 1700x


B350 F probably dead, Ive called technician and he checked every part, it seems like a dead mobo, But the orange mobo light is on but pc wont power up.

This has been issue for 2 years, sometimes randomly turns on after 2-3 days, now last one week this is not turning so decided enough of this, buying / testing if new mobo will solve my issue.

i gambled with a new psu to, initially it worked fine for 2 months but then again same problem.

Was thinking b450 but which model / brand.

Budget 9k, 20% flexible.

Suggest me a new mobo

zotac 1060 8 gb
16x3 3000 mz ram
psu 700 watt and a back up 550 watt
one tb ssd and 500 hdd
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