Suggest me a good configuration at Rs. 8,000...

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Please suggest me a decent configuration of P4 / AMD Processor & a MotherBoard. My budget is strictly limited to Rs. 8000 to 9000 only for the Processor & M/B.

Jyoti Rupam


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my option is amd64 3500+ (rs5000) with asus a8ne(4-5k).....never go with the pentiums......they go very hot...

this is for socket 939 but as of now ddr1 ram that runs with it is more expensive than ddr2 that runs with am2..,,

another choice : amd64 3500+ am2(4.5-5k) with a cheap am2 mobo(5 k for example asus m2ne...but not sure whether this a good board)

if u r a daily user ...for example(ms office) then u can also go with amd64 3000+ ...costs for about 3k......and for gaming in budget go for 3500+
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INtel based

Intel(dual core) - 820 P4-socket 775 2.8 GHz 800MHz FSB, 2MB cache, Rs 5100 /-

Intel D101GGc ATi,16xPCX slot --- Rs 3700 /-
Intel D102GGc ATi,16xPCX,DDR2 support ---- Rs 4100/-

AMD based

AMD AMD 64 - 3500+ 939 Socket------ Rs 6000/-
ASUS A8N -VM---- Rs 3700/- (has good onboard gfx)


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ASUS A8N -VM---- Rs 3700/- (has good onboard gfx)[/QUOTE]

ya dont go for a8ne if u r not 4 gaming..this is the best option....with 3500+ or 3000+

i would still suggest not to go 4 any intel processor other than core2duo...all consume double the power and generate twice the heat
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