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suggest laptop brand & config

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Hi all,
I am planning to buy a lap, my budget is below 30k.
Please suggest me brand which has a service center at kolkata.
I am looking for 120 GB HDD & 1 GB RAM if possible in my budget, but confused at the Processor & the board. Please suggest me good config.
If possible pls give me the model no also.

Is it possible to get it assambled into budget?



he is from kolkata,and there is a big service centre of acer at elgin road kolkata.BTW my roommate has one,sound is awesome,he loaded it with 2gb of ram and even plays pro street on it
Yaar, I am in Delhi and i too have 3 service centers close to my home. The point is not having service centers but the kind of service they provide, or should i say they provided, to me. They cheated me by temporarily solving the heating and hanging problem, and since my warranty period got over the day they delivered me the laptop back, they asked for 5K Rs for getting that problem solved. That too for a Celeron M laptop that doesn't holds a value greater than 10K if sold secondhand. I purchased that laptop just 1.5 years ago for 32,500 Rs and on Day 3 its DVD drive had to be replaced. Then the graphics card. Then the LCD!!! Can you believe that? i did not had peace of mind for even 3 months after i purchased that piece of ****!
More to that, i recommended six people to go with Acer as they were offering quiet an affordable range of laptops. All these six laptops developed problems within 6 months that were not solved till the warranty period got over (after that the same story as with me) and the curses for all this mess were upon me :-(


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@ITTechPerson....y dint u have a look at the acer aspire one? its ultraportable tho, and above decent specs. only 21k odd
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